The Person

I, Waylan Limberg, was born in 1976 to hippie parents in the rural southwestern corner of New York State, USA (approximately a 1.5 hour drive south of Buffalo). By the time I reached the first grade, my parents had all but left behind the hippie life style, but its fun to tell people anyway. I currently live with my wonderful wife Kori, in Warren, Pennsylvania, USA. My interests include, in no particular order, coding (particularly in Python), woodworking, electronics and all things related to bicycles. My day-job has little to no relation to my interests or anything on this site and will go unmentioned, although you may be able to figure it out if you search the archives.

The Site

As I once explained…

In case your are wondering; No, this site has nothing to do with headaches. It simply is a metaphor for life. If life as described in this weblog was a migraine and each entry was a throb in that migraine, then you should understand the main navigation. With the help of the titles you should be able to discern that you will find the things that make it all worthwhile under ‘meds’. There I plan to expound on the things that serve as a release for the pressures of life. I imagine that section would include, for the most part, my latest mountain biking adventures and photos, etc.

Of course, I abandoned that idea shortly after getting a working site. Although, that was my first website and foray into PHP. It still amazes me it even worked. Later I moved from my homegrown code to WordPress, dabbled with Typo (Ruby on Rails) and finally built something I liked on the Django framework and Python. Later, I rebuilt the site using a python script to generate flat files served from a basic static server. Mostly recently, I migrated to the Pelican static site generator. You can browse (and clone) the source Markdown files from https://github.com/waylan/achinghead.com if you like.