I’m proud to announce the Meta-Data Extension for Python-Markdown.

I’ve mentioned in the past my desire to build some sort of paging (wiki-like) system using Markdown. With a database, that’s pretty easy, but for a simple file based system, there needs to be meta-data for each file. Information like ‘Title’, ‘Summary’, ‘Author’, ‘Date’, etc. MultiMarkdown offers just such a solution with its Meta-Data feature. Of course, MultiMarkdown is in perl, so I’d have to build my own in python.

It turns out that it’s not to hard. I had ironed out the wrinkles of pre-processors with my abbreviation extension, so I whipped up a solution in a few hours time. It probably would have been even less, but I had numerous interruptions. In any event, the extension simply extracts the data from the document and makes it available for use by other code. Perhaps someday I’ll write an app that passes such data to a templating system.

Until then, it is very handy for configuring settings for various other extensions on a per document basis. Therefore, I have updated both the abbreviation and wikilink extensions to support the Meta-Data Extension. Read the docs for all the details, or view the code (raw).